REEFolution foundation aims to restore and create coral reefs to improve local ecosystems and support local communities. Together with local communities and universities, we search for ways to optimize coral reef restoration efforts. Coral reefs are teeming with life and are very important for healthy ecosystems. They are highly productive and tourist magnets. However, once seriously degraded, they need a helping hand to kick-start  these functions again.

We therefore act under the motto: 

People for Coral, Coral for People

Reef restoration

We grow corals in structures that are called 'Nurseries'. When the corals are big enough, they are placed upon bottle reefs or in patches of degraded coral reefs. This will give natural reef-formation the kickstart it needs to recover.


Preventing damage on coral reefs always outweighs reef restoration. It is therefore crucial that people are aware of the importance and fragility of coral reefs.

What we do:


Together with local communities we aim to protect and restore coral reefs. Healthy reefs  create opportunities for livelihood improvement for those who depend on reefs for fishery and tourism.


To apply the best reef restoration practices, it is crucial to understand the ecosystem. Research performed by Wageningen University and Kenyatta University is important  to optimize our methods and monitor the the restauration results and reef health. This knowledge can also be used in other places in the world!