REEFolution Kenya

REEFolution Kenya


REEFolution Kenya

REEFolution Kenya

In 2015 we started exploring possibilities for coral restoration in Kenya. More specifically in the area of Shimoni village near the Tanzanian boarder. Communities in this area are mostly dependent on tourism and fisheries.   

Why now?

For many years, this area was threatened by dynamite fishing practices that were comming from Tanzania. Since the 1980s, Kenya has been more successfull in patroling and protecting the nearby Kisite-Mpunguti marine reserve but the damage of dynamite fishing and anchoring is still visible as coral rubble. Tourism and fish stocks are both dependent on healthy coral reefs, it is therefore very important that we give nature a helping hand. 

What are we doing?

In short; we are collecting broken pieces of corals that are still healthy but would not survive if they were left in the sand. We call them 'corals of opportunity'. These pieces are placed in coral nursuries where they grow in optimal conditions to a size that is good enough for outplacement.

When corals are large enough, they are placed in reef units or directly in rubble area's with a cement plug. These pieces stabalize the rubble area and make the area suitable for natural settlement of coral. Additionally, they are instantly providing habitat for many animals. 

Last but not least, we are working with Universities and local communities to research coral reefs, establish no-take zones and educate.




Placement of

first nurseries


Placement of first



Buidling the REEFo-centre


Outplanting first fragments



Establishment no-take zone Mkwiro