'Chasing corals' (Netflix documentary) is an ode to the sea and perfectly resembles the tragedy of coral bleaching we are nowadays facing. Intervention is vital and donations are needed in this race against the clock. We're all part of this, together. 

Donate a Nursery tree

A nursery tree is a structure to which we attach small coral fragments. Once these small fragments are grown large, they are being harvested. The harvested fragments will be outplanted onto coral cakes, cages or bottle reefs.

Nursery Tree

Nursery Tree

€ 150,00Price


A bottle reef is an artifical reef structure that functions as hard substrate to corals. The bottles are cleaned and bought from local restaurants.


Then, the bottles are placed in the concrete structures. Next, bottle reefs are placed and allocated to their position where coral fragments will be outplanted onto them.

Bottle Reef

Bottle Reef

€ 45,00Price

You will be granted a personalized bottle reef certificate including the number of your bottle reef. Each year, you will receive a photo update of your reef's status.


By selecting this donation option, you will help out a local Kenyan by providing them with a diving license. You give them a job opportunity that could change their life.

Sponsor Local PADI Certification

Sponsor Local PADI Certification

€ 250,00Price

You will be granted a personalized reef ranger certificate including the name and photo of your diver.

'Nothing is left, for the local fishermen this is disastrous. These corals will not come back by itself.'

Tinka Murk, Professor Marine Animal Ecology, Wageningen University and Research Centre

Husna is one of the local Kenyans who showed interest into our project. November 2019 she first visited the FireFly Ocean Camp in Kenya. She couldn't swim and barely knew a thing about the marine environment. 9 months later, she received a sponsored certification and now she works as reef ranger at REEFolution Kenya. 


She has become an example to others and shares our message with the local community.

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Supported by Wageningen University and Kenyatta University

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The REEFolution Foundation aims to rebuild coral reefs by providing fundamental restoration skills to coastal communities. By combining local and scientific knowledge, REEFolution aids reef recovery and fosters local stewardship.


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