REEF Rangers.

REEFolution trains local community members to become REEF Rangers. During a three-month period, local residents are being educated, trained and certified. Hereby, they are given the opportunity to prove themselves a true conservationists. If so, they will be offered a paid job position at one of our coral restoration projects.

Dosa Mshenga Mchambi

age 38

Being in the Mkwiro BMU committee as the treasurer, Dosa has a major influence on community projects and is helping REEFolution to create awareness to the local people about the importance of coral reef restoration. He has been a fisherman for over 15 years, thus has firsthand experience on reef degradation in the area and its impacts on fish catch. Dosa has great leadership skills too, having been a supervisor and a patron at a Mkwiro orphanage.

Husna Bakari Hamisi 
age 20

Before joining REEFolution, Husna worked as a waitress and parttime tour guide in Kenyan national parks. Husna first joined REEFolution in October 2019 to assist with none diving activities. Later, when she was able to swim she received her diving certification. She also learned about fish identification and got really interested about the marine life. Being born in Shimoni, Husna wishes to educate her peers and the community to create awareness about coral reef restoration. She would love to continue her studies and possibly focus on marine biology.

Peter Musila

Age 24

Peter is an aspiring marine biologist who recently graduated from Kenyatta University with B.Sc. in coastal and marine resource management. He first came to REEFolution for his internship and did an undergraduate thesis on the role of a marine protected area (MPA) on coral health. He is now back to assist REEFolution with ongoing projects and sometimes helps new students with their swimming lessons. Peter loves everything about diving and is very proud to restore and conserve the marine habitat. He would also like to further his studies if a master’s scholarship opportunity arises.

Idrissa Harun Saif

Idrissa has been a volunteer at REEFolution Kenya for more than a year and loves every day of it. Prior to that, he worked as a snorkeling guide in the nearby Kisite Mpunguti Marine park. He’s an enthusiast swimmer and loves teaching about corals to his peers and the larger community.

Said Athman Ngonga

age 25

Said has been a member of the Mkwiro beach management unit for over two years. He first heard about REEFolution when they came to collaborate with the B.M.U in their coral restoration project and has been hooked with diving ever since. Said wishes to assist REEFolution with community outreach about environmental conservation and teaching the local people about the coral restoration project.

Sadaam Hamisi Omari 

As a boat captain, Sadaam is a very important addition to the REEFolution team. He is also a talented artist and would like to assist in designing fish identification materials for the fishermen in a way that is simple for the to understand what to fish and what better not to.

Mwalimu Athumani Shebwana

Mwalimu is a member of the Mkwiro BMU and a fisherman with expertise in the use of traditional fish traps. He’s also more into the science and very eager to learn new things at REEFolution. He wishes to assist REEFolution with active diving and coral reef restoration and create awareness about the project in the community.