REEFolution Kenya COVID-19 Campaign.


"The REEFolution COVID-19 Support Campaign": the REEFolution Foundation is looking for financial support to continue coral restoration activities during the corona pandemic. As a response to the 'double crisis' in Kenya (corona pandemic and coral degradation), REEFolution certifies local community members to become REEFrangers. After proving to be true conservationists, this will guarantee paid jobs as REEFrangers.


The importance of conservation is further ingrained through an education programme targeted at primary and secondary schools. Investments are made to support alternative livelihoods, such as the installation of sustainable aquaculture practices.


The REEFranger training and the development of alternative sources of income will help to lead the coastal communities through these exceptionally hard times. Once tourism picks up again, we will have shaped local diving conservationists to showcase restored and protected reefs to you.


Campaign progress

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Adopt a REEF

The most ocean friendly gift

By adopting a bottle reef, you cover all material, labour and maintenance costs of an artifical reef (50 x 50 cm). This provides an income to local communities and a home to marine species. 

Donation Progress

Sponsor a local community member with a 4-day dive course.

Donation options

20 x 'place a nursery tree'

200 x 'adopt a bottle reef'

Construct a floating working platform

Education program
"The VR-Experience"

A  patrolling boat




Primary school education programs

10 x certify a reef ranger

10 x salary of a reef ranger

COVID-19 support package 1

COVID-19 support package 2

COVID-19 Support package 3


Free donations

Estimated costs

150 euro each

50 euro each

8,000 euro

11,000 euro


5,000 euro

1500 euro

1500 euro

3000 euro


250 euro each



1,000 euro each



8,000 euro

8,000 euro


8,000 euro

Free donation

Donation Status

2/20 (10%)

30/200 (15%)






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4/10 (40%)


5/10 (50%)





30,000 euro of donations received

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"If we can't save coral reefs from exctinction, can we save humanity from it?"

Single Donation

A donation can also be done by simply transferring the preferred amount to

REEFolution Foundation

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The REEFolution Foundation aims to rebuild coral reefs by providing fundamental restoration skills to coastal communities. By combining local and scientific knowledge, REEFolution aids reef recovery and fosters local stewardship.


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